About me

Our indian star tortoise

Welcome to my blog! I’m Julia and I’m the mama behind Mamazilla. I’m a busy mama of a little girl, Artemis, and in between looking after and playing with her, I love getting in my kitchen, experimenting and trying new recipes.

I’m involved in all stages of each recipe, from cooking to taking photographs and making the video for it. I love photographing the end result and I hope that my photos and videos could inspire you to step into your kitchen and try something new.

Logo inspiration

Mamazilla’s logo is inspired by our pet tortoise Sam. She is an indian star tortoise hence the weird shell. We all absolutely adore her and especially Artemis. We love watching her eat her salad and zucchinis and when the weather is warm, we take her out in the garden for a long stretch.

Our story

My little girl has multiple food allergies, so we had a rough start when we started weaning and realising she was reacting to many things. Since I was exclusively breastfeeding her, we both had to omit several things from our diet and that had been very difficult. That made me experiment more with different ingredients and use substitutions in the recipes I used to make and love. Although she has now grown out of some of her allergies (dairy is our biggest victory!!), I still like to make those recipes again and again. So, I’ve decided to share in this blog all these special diet recipes too! Like my vegan chocolate cake, so yummy!

Blog layout

In each recipe you can find if it belongs to a special diet group like dairy free or gluten free at the top of the recipe and as a tag at the bottom. There is also a link in the menu for each special diet group in Mamazilla. In the notes section of each recipe you can also find suggestions for substitutions, but if you would like me to try something new, leave a comment in the recipe and I will get back to you.

Most of my recipes have a short recipe video to help you out, and if there isn’t a video, it’s likely you’ll find photos for the trickier steps of the recipe. Check out my YouTube channel for my videos and subscribe to get notifications for when I post something new.

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